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Health care work abroad allows you to get familiar with new culture, grow your international work experience, and gives new points of views in health care work. Sweden gives you all above-mentioned and more but is still nearby home. There are new interesting challenges for nurses and paramedics.

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Employment contract is made individually with everyone by agreeing a weekly rhythm and working area. You have a chance to affect how your working life looks like. We understand that a free time that allows you to relax and time at home is important. That is why we modify the weekly rhythm for your needs: so that the work is enjoyable and you are able to work carefully in such an important field.

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We want to hear from you! Send us a job application with your CV and salary request via email or via our contact button down below. Please remember to send us the proof that you have a license to work in Sweden, as an authorized nurse. If you need help to apply for the license, we gladly help you.
Is there some questions about the work? Our HR Manager Essi Pyykkönen answers all the questions regarding the work or the employer. You can find her contact information on the contact page.

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You can also send us secured mail with the email below by changing the recipient's first name in the email address:
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VAT number: SE559244-9978
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